$100 Guaranteed

$10 To Join $100 Guaranteed to The Winner (10x’s Your Money)



Sat.Dec 14  Do to the Holidays This tournament Will be Down Until Jan 2014
Start Time 3:00 pm eastern
eastern line by 2:45 pm eastern
or you will be D.Q. Any Questions
Call 1-877-EJ-MONEY( Just tap here if you on Your phone)

General Setup 

1.) 10-64 Man Tournament

2.) $10 A Person $15  The day of

3.) Single Elimination

4.) Winner Receives $100 

  • 30 + Users Not Including Admins 
  1. Gets $150 With no losses (With a loss or re-buy $100)
  2. Gets $40
  3. Free Spot in the Next Five Dolla Holla 
  • 60+ Users Not Including Admins 
  1. Gets $200 With no losses (With a loss or re-buy $160)
  2. Gets $70
  3. Gets $25

5.) The lower your seed number You get home

6.) Re-buys $5



1.) All Games will be played on the All-Madden Skill Level

2.) All Games will be 4 minute quarters  

Tournament Rules

1.) Absolutely No Quitting – Quitting  is not tolerated/ may result into a permanent ban from future tournaments

2.) 4th down – You can go for it at anytime during the game.


4.) Kickoffs and punts- The kicking team cannot receive the ball any other way then causing big hit fumble or an onside kick down in the fourth (this means you can kick it high or squib kick but if no one picks it up on the opposite team you must then punt the ball out the back of the end zone)

5.) No QB Wrap

6.)NO Blocking Kicks At all

If Someone Provides Proof of a Rule Being Broken it Will Result in Removal From The Tournament

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absolutely no refunds

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Pittsburgh Steelers eGuide By RDikes
This guide is my first free guide of the year with NeXGen as I am new to the site and NexGen family. Now for me this offense is run heavy yet some passing sets given are very effective. I also love it with multiple teams rather than 1 or 2.Now is this offense top tier exclusive stuff, possibly,possibly not. It’s basic and simple reads yet its very effective.


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