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    For true gamers that would like to try their luck and maybe win some cash playing Video games and prove your mom wrong
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    You thank you got what it takes to run one the best online cash Leagues. This is what you need to get Started Price of Setup $35 Down The Other $125 once The page is to your satisfaction Installment of $160-$35 From First months Member Ship Fee You will Provide all setting and rule pre-typed by Email or Text Absolutely ” No Refunds” but If you don't like you page you don't have to pay the other $125 Don't for get to ask about how to get 10% off per month with auto pay Any questions Call 1-877-EJ-MONEY(356-6639) What you get For This Member ship 1) Your URL EX. 2) A custom Page set as you would Like 3) A Contact List Set up by use so your customers Can Contrast each other 4) A Custom Logo for your Page 5) Your Phone Number with dialing For I.O.S. and Android 6) Add up you 2 YouTube Videos to your page 7) League Setting and Set up 8) Payout and buy in 9)PayPal Button added to page So payments can be Sent you by Paypal and all credit cards 10) 7 Free Day On the Home Page 11) Your League Will also be posted on are Facebook Page